Wednesday, January 19

Month: April 2020


What if Sir Alex Ferguson had joined Liverpool instead of Manchester United in 1985?

As we all know, back in 1986, Sir Alex Ferguson joined Manchester United. 27 years and 13 league titles later, he retired, having turned one of the game's biggest rivalries on its head and completely and irreversibly changed the course of English and European football. No biggy.  But what if...he hadn't? What if he wasn't available to take over at Old Trafford in November 1986, because over a year earlier, United's bitter rivals Liverpool had swept in and taken him from Aberdeen?Sir Alex Ferguson once fined his Aberdeen players for a prank in a hotel. And the gruff Glaswegian told them about their punishment in verse!— Neil Drysdale (@NeilDrysdale) May 6, 2018What if the Reds, who were reported at the time to be considering Ferguson as a replaceme...