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Messi through tears: I’m not ready for that … (video)

Lionel Messi gave an emotional press conference, saying goodbye to all his teammates and leaders in the Spanish grandmaster. The Argentine also revealed the exact reasons for his departure, while at the same time admitting that he is negotiating with the French Paris Saint-Germain.

Upon entering the hall, where everyone from the club was waiting for him, as well as his wife and his three children, Lionel Messi could not contain his emotions and cried in front of the TV clips. The Argentine’s press conference was broadcast free of charge on Barcelona’s club television.

Lionel Messi has given an emotional overconfidence, with which he says goodbye to all his co-chairs and managers in the Spanish Grand Prix. The Argentine also revealed the exact reasons for his resignation, as he always admitted that he was negotiating with the French Paris Saint-Germain. As he entered the hall, where everyone was waiting for him from the club, as well as his wife and three children, Lionel Messi failed to contain his emotions and cried in front of the television climbers. The press conference of the Argentine was broadcast free of charge on the club television of Barcelona. Messi admitted that he is not ready for the huge change that is coming in his life, that as the desire of all is that he and his family to stay in the technical home (ed. – Barcelona)

Here are the other highlights from Lionel Messi’s press conference, which we followed for you live:


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14:42 Did anyone feel cheated on?

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We did our best to stay, but it was not possible. I’ve always been honest with the fans and I’ve never lied to them. When a person doesn’t talk much, people start saying a lot of things on my behalf. Many lies were told.

14:42 I don’t know how much longer I’ll be on top. Let’s see how my physique will be. There are no serious injuries, but at the same time I know that things are over. My friends who have already stopped playing football tell me that it is very difficult to change your lifestyle after that, so I want to keep playing.

13:40 How would you comment on the photo with the players of PSG in Ibiza?

It was pure coincidence. I had to see Paredes and Di Maria. Neymar called at that moment and I told him that I was with them. Then he invited us all together. We took a picture, they joked, telling me to go to PSG and that was it.

13:35 Would you come back to say goodbye to the fans?

Of course! It will not be the same, because the right time for that is now, but for this club I am ready for anything. We will definitely do something.

13:30 Were there any wrong expectations in recent weeks?

No, no, everything was agreed around the contract. We were honest on our part. You know the reasons for the failure of everything (ed. Note – La Liga). The truth is that after the presidential election at the club I went to lunch with the new president. We talked and in the afternoon I was sure that I would stay and my contract would not be a problem. My contract has never been a problem. But everything turned out to be impossible.

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13:21 Is PSG your next club?

PSG is an opportunity, but nothing has been agreed with anyone yet. Many clubs are showing interest. There is nothing concrete, but it is true that we are negotiating.

We did our best to stay. Last year I didn’t want to stay, I already said that. This year I wanted to stay, but there was no way because of La Liga.

It will be a very difficult change, especially for my family, because they knew we would stay in this city. Everything will be fine, although it will be a difficult change.

I have a lot of calls, a lot of clubs are interested, but at the moment there is nothing concrete and official.

13:17 What is the greatest moment in Barça?

It is very difficult to choose the best moment. Many years passed, there were good, bad moments, but maybe the day he made his debut. That was my dream. Everything after that was amazing. I will always remember that moment when it all started.

13:15: After Messi’s nearly 15-minute statement, everyone in the hall got up and started applauding the Argentine.

13:13 In the last few days, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I can say today, and the truth is, I can’t say anything. It is very difficult for me after so many years here. I’m not ready for that.

My family and I were convinced that we would stay here. We wanted him more than anything. We were told we would stay here. Today I have to say goodbye to everything here. I have been in Barcelona since I was 13 years old. After 21 years, I am leaving with my wife and my three “Catalan-Argentinean” children. We will be back here in a few years, because this is our home. I am grateful to all my former teammates, current teammates and all those who have been behind me over the years.

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I am very grateful for people’s concern. I never imagined that I would have to say goodbye to everyone. Not that way.

Once again I say a big thank you for the love shown.

13:05 When Lionel Messi arrived in the hall, he cried


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