Tuesday, May 17

Messi’s transfer to Paris seems certain, official confirmation is awaited

The brother of the owner of PSG boasted of the star transfer


It seems that football superstar Lionel Messi, according to many and the greatest player in history, will continue his career at French PSG.

Two days ago, Barcelona shockingly announced that the six-time winner of the “Golden Ball” will not sign a new contract with the club, because in this way the Catalans will not be able to meet the requirements for financial fair play.

This development put in a dead end not only Barça, but also Lionel Messi, who suddenly found himself without a team and without a contract offer.

The rich from PSG reacted the fastest in this situation, as the Parisian club confirmed that official talks are being held with the Argentine. The brother of the club’s owner Sheikh Al Thani even personally admitted that everything between Messi and PSG has been agreed, and the transfer will be officially announced tomorrow at the latest.

The media in Spain and France even announced a two-year contract worth 40 million euros per season, plus various bonuses for certain achievements.

Shortly after this statement, it became clear that Lionel Messi will give a press conference on Sunday at 1 pm Bulgarian time, as it will be held at the “Camp Nou” in Barcelona.

So far in his glorious professional career, Messi has not played in a different club from Barcelona, ​​and the whole football world is trembling in anticipation to see where the Argentine genius will continue his career.

It is clear that this will be a real transfer blow for PSG, which holds the record for the largest transfer in history with the 222 million he paid to Barcelona for Neymar.

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However, Messi will arrive as a free agent, as the captain of Real (Madrid) – Sergio Ramos landed in Paris a few weeks ago. This stormy summer, the French also attracted the most prosperous young goalkeeper – Gianluigi Donaruma, who was at the heart of Italy’s European title.



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