Wednesday, January 19

Ancelotti named his top 6 for the Golden Ball

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has disclosed who he would choose on to win the Golden Ball if he had the chance. He only named his players, placing Karim Benzema as the first choice. But, the striker finished 4th in the contest to win winning the trophy, claimed with Lionel Messi for a record seventh time.


“Is Messi the best?” Since I’m at Real Madrid, I cannot choose a player who isn’t an integral part of our team. I would like to mention Karim Benzema as my first choice, Vinicius Jr. as the second choice, Thibaut Courtois in the 3rd option, Casemiro in the 4th player, Tony Kroos as the fifth, Eduardo Camavinga as the sixth and the list goes on. Each person has their personal view about whether Messi is the most effective. I voted for Karim. But, Messi won the award and remains a top player. For players, individual awards are significant, they serve as an incentive. But , as Benzema did not win I’m not convinced that it took place.

I hope next year that one of the players who is from Real Madrid will win. Benzema is having a wonderful season, but that’s all. He finished fourth , and the following year, he’ll be motivated to finish the first. Participating in a major club can help you when it comes to this, since the evaluation considers the results you make together with your team. If you can win awards and awards, the odds of winning this prize will increase. It’s a significant prize for footballers, however it’s an individual. I haven’t seen Benzema or Courtois crying for lack of being awarded. They both were in good spirits and accepted it without issue ” Ancelotti said at the press conference of today.

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