Tuesday, May 17

Hamilton and Verstappen set for historic final race

After the chaotic race in Saudi Arabia, the Formula 1 season will come to a close in the United Arab Emirates, and Sir Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are set for a historic battle on the final day.

Both drivers are heading into the race level on points in the Drivers’ Championship, with the Dutch driver having the slight advantage of being placed first courtesy of having more race wins during the season.

It has happened before

According to Sky Sports F1, there has only been one instance where two drivers have gone into the final race level of points before.

The drama that such a situation creates is incredible, with either driver being able to take the most prestigious prize in the game, although it does essentially negate everything that has gone before in the campaign.

Hamilton chasing his eighth title

The British driver is looking to win what would be a record-breaking eighth title, and he knows that he just has to finish ahead of Verstappen in Abu Dhabi.

His experience in the sport has been vital in recent weeks, with the Dutch driver having perhaps fallen victim to a lack of experience at key moments, for example when he crashed into the wall during the final lap of qualifying.


Havin been involved in close battles with Felipe Massa and Nico Rosberg in the past, Hamilton is no stranger to the kind of tricks his Dutch counterpart is pulling during races.

His coolness has allowed him to not get riled and drawn into positions where he may well end up off the track himself, which is the added benefit of a long career in the sport.

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Verstappen will get his chance again

There is a dark cloud hovering over the impending Abu Dhabi GP, with it known that if both drivers fail to finish, Verstappen will win the title due to having more race wins.

With Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost having been involved in a similar scenario, with the Brazilian intentionally crashing into the French driver, neutrals are worried that there could be a repeat instance next Sunday.

However, Verstappen doesn’t need to go down such a road, his talent is prestigious and his chance at a title will come again if he falls short on Sunday, whereas if he was to claim victory in such a distasteful manner, the stain on his record may last a lifetime.


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