Wednesday, May 25

An idea taking off in Argentina: A public mausoleum for Maradona

Whenever tourists have visited Buenos Aires in the last year – although their numbers have been limited because of the pandemic – they’re quick to enquire about Diego Maradona‘s final resting place.

Football fans from all over the world have wanted to pay their respects but have so far been unable to do so, as Maradona‘s grave is private and only accessible for his family.

But Alberto Fernandez wants to have a public mausoleum for the ex-footballer in the cemetery where Maradona is buried – the Jardin Bella Vista in San Miguel.

Without crossing the line and becoming disrespectful or distasteful, the Argentine government know that Maradona‘s grave could be used as a tourist attraction and as a place for people to say goodbye to arguably football’s greatest ever player.


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