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Tommy Fury explains reason behind Jake Paul fight postponement


Tommy Fury has revealed the reasons behind his withdrawal from his fight against the YouTuber Jake Paul.

The pair, who have both gained popularity outside of the ring, were set to face off on December 18 in Florida, but injury and illness have caused the Brit to call a postponement.

In a video posted on his Instagram account, Tommy Fury explained his past month as he battled a bacterial chest infection while continuing to train for the bout.

After weeks off training with the infection causing his body to struggle, the straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak was a jab to the rib cage during a spar in training that caused Fury to begin vomiting.

He immediately left the gym and headed for hospital, where a scan revealed a clean break to one of his ribsm which has seen the 22-year-old half-brother of world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury pull out of the fight.

Tyron Woodley replaces Tommy Fury

Paul has since arranged a rematch against mixed martial arts fighter Tyron Woodley, who he beat in his most recent bout back in August.

Unsurprisingly, given the verbal warfare the two had been involved in for a number of months, Paul was quick to jump on social media after the news broke of Fury’s withdrawal.

“It’s official: Tommy Fury is boxing’s biggest bi*ch,’ said Paul in an Instagram video.

“He has pulled out of the fight. The Furys have pulled out of the fight due to a ‘medical condition.'”

“Who knows what the f*ck is going on in that camp. I think he has a bad case of bursitis. He fumbled the biggest bag of his life, now he will be watching at home, paying me 60 dollars instead of getting paid millions of dollars to fight me.

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“I’ve fought with a broken nose, I’ve fought sick. Get the f*ck over it, this is boxing. It’s official: he was scared. I think the pressure got to him; the sh*t talk got to him. That’s the bad news.

“The good news is that Mr Tyron Woodley, we called him up and we were like, ‘Hey, do you want to take the fight?’ He has been in training.

“He was like, ‘Sure, we’ll take the fight, let’s do the rematch, run it back.’ I’m giving him 500,000 extra dollars if he can knock me out.”

He has reportedly ruled out a rescheduling of the fight, but Fury and his team are yet to respond to the claims and they are still confident that are rearranged date can be agreed in 2022.


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