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Quarterback Position: What is the job of a quarterback?

Although they are not necessarily the leaders of the team, most quarterbacks do take charge and have great input as to what the plays are going to be. Having said that, this is considered one of the most difficult positions in the game, not just for the required skill it takes to be able to execute it, but the immense amount of pressure and expectations that comes with it each week, game after game.

The quarterback receives the ball to start executing the play that has been previously decided from the huddle or meeting or from the bench. The quarterback must know the strengths and weaknesses of his team and the rival team. He must be able to move his teammates within the offensive scheme to get the most out of each play. Its importance is vital. We can say that the QB is not the whole team, but without a doubt, with a bad QB, the chances of success are greatly reduced. The QB not necessarily wins the game, but is essential not to lose it

A QB is in continuous learning. Every year, the league advances in defensive schemes, and it must be him, who manages to discern what to do at all times. His coach can command a play, but the QB can change it if he observes (before, during and after the “snap”) something in the defensive movements.

The Best QB’s in NFL history

Throughout history, the game has changed so much that it is very difficult to compare eras. As the league progressed, the rules were protecting more and more quarterbacks, because they realized how essential they were for the NFL to be successful. However, these are some of the best QB’s that have made history in the NFL.

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The pioneer of modern offensives. Johnny Unitas was the best quarterback of his era by a wide margin in an era that favored neither his position nor the offense. He won four Super Bowls with the Colts and was the best QB between 1956 (his rookie year) and 1967. He is the only quarterback to lead the league in TD passes four consecutive times, between 1957 and 1960, where he also had a streak of 47 games in a row with at least one touchdown pass.

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There are many debatable things in the NFL. But saying that Aaron Rodgers is one of the most talented quarterbacks in league history, is not one of them. Rodgers is the all-time leader in two of the most important statistics in defining QB greatness: Passer Rating (104.9) and TD / INT ratio (226 to 57). In this second category, the second is Brady with 392 and 143. The difference is abysmal. The only debit of his career is in Super Bowls, since he only got one with Green Bay.

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Before the new era of QBs, Montana was considered the best in history, and with good reason. He is part of the best duo in history, which made him up with Jerry Rice in the 49ers, and he was also able to win a Super Bowl without the great receiver, a sign of his greatness. One of the most incredible statistics is that in the Playoffs from 1988 to 1990, where he won two championships, he played 8 games in total, all with a passer rating greater than 100 and a TD / INT ratio of 22 to 2.

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The most exemplary QB of all time. At times, Peyton Manning looked like a robot. His ability to change plays and read defenses during the snap count was remarkable, and his handling and composure as well. In terms of productivity, nobody was like him. His five MVPs are an absolute record, which shows his dominance.

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Just as Aaron Rodgers is without a doubt the most talented QB in history, Tom Brady is the best of the best and there is no contest about it. Maybe it was moot a year ago, but after winning his seventh ring at age 43 with a new team, and being the first to win the Super Bowl at home, there is no more discussion. Brady holds an innumerable number of records and the most incredible thing is that at his age he continues to play and at the highest level. He is the oldest player to win an MVP (40 years) and also a Super Bowl MVP (43). In 17 years he went to the Super Bowl 9 times and was out of it 8 times.

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