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Bill Gates reveals when he thinks the COVID-19 pandemic will finish

Microsoft co-founder and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates has not been one to shy away from the conversation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, and he has had his say once more.

Gates has recently shared his thoughts on Twitter about the pandemic, the Omicron variant and vaccines through a questions and answers session. He was asked by Devi Sridhar, chair of global public health at the University of Edinburgh, when he thinks the pandemic will be over.

“As countries experience their Omicron wave, health systems will be challenged,” Gates began his response on Twitter.

“Most of the severe cases will be unvaccinated people. Once Omicron goes through a country then the rest of the year should see far fewer cases, so COVID can be treated more like seasonal flu.”

“A more transmissive variant is not likely, but we have been surprised a lot during this pandemic. Omicron will create a lot of immunity at least for the next year.

“@trvrb [Trevor Bedford, a scientist] tracks the genetics really well. We may have to take yearly shots for COVID for some time.”

Gates remains optimistic that the end is in sight

This is the most recent example of Gates‘ optimism regarding the current state of the pandemic.

Back in December 2021, the Microsoft co-founder took to Twitter again to spread hope that 2022 will be the year that sees the end of the pandemic as it is currently seen.

“I am hopeful, though, that the end is finally in sight. It might be foolish to make another prediction, but I think the acute phase of the pandemic will come to a close some time in 2022,” he said.

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COVID-19 and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

In 2000 Bill Gates set up the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with his wife, Melissa. It’s aims were to enhance healthcare, reduce poverty across the world, to expand educational opportunities and access to information technology in the USA.

Since its formation, it grew to the second largest charitable foundation in the world by the year 2020.

The foundation’s website now offers regular information about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and promotes articles which reveal their stance on how it is being tackled.


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