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Burpee Exercise: How many burpees should a beginner do?

Burpees are considered to be one of the most challenging exercises you could incorporate in your working out routine as they combine push-ups and squats.

Those of you who have been introduced to the burpees may hate it at first, but once you are aware of their benefits, you might consider making them a key part of your routine.

Which are the burpees benefits?

By combining two exercises in one, burpees help you establish body balance and improve your coordination. Performing either push-ups or squats may be challenging for beginners, so imagine how tough it is to properly do a series of burpees without making errors that could result in an injury.

Meanwhile, burpees are considered to be one of the exercises that help you improve your cardiovascular performance and conditioning, as well as your endurance.

They are also beneficial for those who are looking to lose weight, as personal trainers regard burpees as one of the most demanding exercises due to the fact it helps people burn more calories.

By combining push-ups and squats, it also helps you both strengthen your arms and hamstrings, as well as improve your cardio fitness while burning body fat.

How to do burpees

To correctly perform burpees and avoid potential injuries you just need to follow these steps:

1. Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart and drop down to the ground, placing your hands on the outside of your feet

2. As you place your hands on the ground, jump back with your feet landing on your toes into the plank position

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3. Once in the plank position, lower yourself down to the ground as if you’re doing a push-up

4. As you extend your arms back up into the air, drive through your toes and thrust your knees into your chest so that your feet land inside of your hands.

5. Extend your legs, jump in the air and raise your arms over your head

How many burpees should a beginner do?

Beginners do not need to do more than seven minutes of burpees. The important thing is to learn how to perform the exercise the right way and when you manage to do so, you can add more minutes or repetitions to your routine.


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