Monday, January 24

Kanye West is accused of battery for assaulting a fan in Los Angeles

Kanye West keeps making the headlines recently with different events that make him a walking contradiction. He was recently spotted having fun at one of his studios in Los Angeles next to odd choices for companions such as ostracized NFL player Antonio Brown, boxer Floyd Mayweather and Madonna. Well, West was definitely involved in a battery accusation right after those images were taken. As he was leaving the studio, the rapper was approached by a fan who demanded for a picture. West said he was going through a tough moment in his life and the fan said everybody goes through tough family moments. Kanye didn’t like this one bit and he knocked out the fan.

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Initially, the news started showing up everywhere but there was no proof of the incident until TMZ got the exclusive footage. According the news outlet, Kanye is facing battery charges that can get him a fine of up to $2,000 and even a 6-month prison sentence. In the video, there isn’t actual footage of the assault but there is proof of the fan on the floor just moments after it happened. West is spotted completely enraged and yelling expletives at people who are trying to calm him down. This episode comes in the wake of a busy week for the rapper and a tough moment in his personal life.

Why is Kanye reacting in such violent fashion?

Spotting Kanye West’s issues is not difficult if you take a look at everything that’s happened recently to him. Not that recently though, Kanye West has been suffering mental issues since he was involved in a car accident in which he hit his head when he was younger. But the most recent personal issue was his separation from former wife Kim Kardashian, who is now dating comedian Pete Davidson. West made an attempt to return to public life by dating actress Julia Fox but this incident clearly proves he is not going through a good moment in his life. Hopefully, Ye can overcome his problems and avoid jail time for this incident.

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