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Gary Russell Jr. vs Mark Magsayo Odds, Pick, and Prediction

Gary Russell Jr. vs Mark Magsayo odds

Gary Russell Jr., left, hits Joseph Diaz during the WBC featherweight title fight in Oxon Hill, Md., Saturday, May 19, 2018. Russell won by unanimous decision. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)
  • Gary Russell Jr. vs Mark Magsayo goes Saturday, January 22nd at 9 PM EST
  • Russell Jr is a sizable favorite in this weekend’s title bout
  • Check out the Gary Russell Jr. vs Mark Magsayo odds, analysis, and predictions, below

Gary Russell Jr. vs Mark Magsayo transpires at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City and broadcasts on Showtime. The American is certainly a strong favorite in the Caesars Sportsbook Russell Jr. vs Magsayo odds. New Jersey sports bettors can get in on some boxing action with this fight right in their backyard.

Let’s analyze the Gary Russell Jr. vs Mark Magsayo odds via Caesars as we provide our best bet for the bout.

Gary Russell Jr. vs Mark Magsayo Odds

Fighter Odds
Gary Russell Jr. -340
Mark Magsayo +270

Odds as of January 19th at Caesars

This bout is for the WBC featherweight world championship with Russell Jr and Magsayo in the champion and challenger roles, respectively.

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Gary Russell Jr’s Boxing Odds & Betting Outlook vs Magsayo

Russell Jr had a strong amateur run that lead him to participate in the 2008 Olympics before becoming a professional pugilist.

Gary Russell Jr. has held this championship belt since 2015 and aims to make his sixth successful title defense this weekend.

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Russell Jr has only ever tasted defeat as a pro to former multi-division champion and pound-for-pound-ranked Vasiliy Lomachenko.

The fight IQ of Russell Jr is notable, and when considering his confluence of speed as well as power, it makes him a dangerous out for any featherweight on the planet. This is true despite the stretch of inactivity.

Russell Jr. vs Magsayo Recent Fights

Rusell Jr.
Tugstsogt Nyambayar, win via UD Fight 1 Julio Ceja, win via KO
Kiko Martinez, win via TKO Fight 2 Pablo Cruz, win via TKO
Joseph Diaz, win via UD Fight 3 Rigoberto Hermosillo, win via SD
Oscar Escandon, win via TKO Fight 4 Panya Uthok, win via UD

The inactivity is because Gary Russell Jr has long been looking for a title unification bout.

But he seems to have been caught in a pattern these last few years of campaigning for those sorts of bouts. One where he seems to invariably fight the governing body’s mandatory contender annually.

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Mark Magsayo’s Boxing Odds & Betting Outlook vs Russell Jr

Mark Magsayo put away a former titleholder in his last outing. The protege of Manny Pacquiao looks to keep that momentum going as he enters his first bid for a world championship title.

Magsayo has notable finishing ability for this weight category, and all it takes is one shot to put the lights out on some of the very best in the world.

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These 126 pounders have distinct stylistic attributes that can lead to inferences for each’s path to victory.

Magsayo has a four-inch reach advantage, and his stoppage rate jumps off the page more than the champions.

Conversely, Russell Jr has the deeper resume with the aforementioned fight IQ and speed, in my estimation, subverting a lot of opportunities for Magsayo to connect cleanly with that vaunted power.

Russell Jr. vs Magsayo Tale of the Tape

Russell Jr
31-1 Record 23-0
18 Knockouts 16
5’4.5 Height 5’6
64″ Reach 68″
Southpaw Stance Orthodox

Gary Russell Jr. vs Mark Magsayo Pick & Prediction

This contest is slated for twelve rounds, the fight going the distance is valued at -210, and I think that prop bet presents good value.

Russell Jr’s sub-sixty percent finishing rate leads me to believe that the prop bet on the champion winning via decision (-135) is a super solid prop bet.

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In the end, I think Gary Russell Jr defends his WBC crown and rides off towards his seventh-year anniversary as champion this March. Take Russell Jr at -340 to win in the Russell Jr vs Magsayo odds. With New York online sports betting now legal, in-state bettors will be able to find these same odds at Caesars Sportsbook NY.

Pick: Gary Russell Jr. (-340) at Caesars Sportsbook

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