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Sean McVay’s fiancée clarifies rumors of Rams coach’s retirement

Rumors about a potential retirement of Sean McVay, the young head coach of the recent Super Bowl LVI championsLos Angeles Rams, have added to the news surrounding the Californian team in recent days, but Veronika Khomyn, the coach’s fiancée, has responded to all that information circulating in the media.

Just after the Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 at SoFi Stadium to win the second Vince Lombardi Trophy in their history and in the midst of the championship celebrations, rumors began to circulate about McVay’s possible retirement.

Khomyn assured that McVay is not retiring

However, Khomyn decided to put an end to the wave of rumors about his fiancé’s future, using social media to clarify where McVay stands.

“Finally get my man back. And no. He is NOT retiring!!!” Veronika wrote on her Instagram Stories this Wednesday.

Sean McVay.

Sean McVay.Instagram/@veronika.khomyn

An enviable coaching career at just 36 years old

The breakneck pace of work that McVay has led since he was named head coach of the Rams in 2017, at just 31 years of age, has been what allowed him in this period to lead the team to two Super Bowls and win the second, all at just 36 years of age.

After defeating the Bengals, Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times asked McVay if he would return next season with the Rams, and the coach’s response was, “We’ll see.”

The coach was also asked if winning a Super Bowl made his possible decision to retire any easier, and the response was, “I think you could definitely say that.”

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McVay would trade football for a family

However, McVay’s priorities could soon change from focusing 24/7 on football to spending more time with his fiancée, even starting a family with the Ukrainian.

“I would agree I don’t think Sean’s current pace is sustainable, in terms of how much work he puts in, if you want to have a family,” Rams chief operating officer Kevin Demoff told the Times.

“But I think the one thing (is) these guys all love football. They love being around each other, they feed off of each other. A month away, two months away, from everybody and I think things will feel a lot better,” Demoff added.


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