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A mother turned her son in to the authorities for participating in the Queretaro vs Atlas brawl

A mother handed over her son to the authorities in Queretaro, due to his participation in the violent acts that took place between Queretaro and Atlas fans, which resulted in 26 injured, one with serious injuries and still hospitalized.

On Tuesday, the Attorney General’s Office of Queretaro presented 14 detainees, one of whom was handed over by his own mother, because she realized – from videos circulating on social networks – that her son had participated in the brawl at the Corregidora Stadium.

The man, who was handed over by his mother, went to the Queretaro Attorney General’s Office to be examined by doctors and was transferred to the San Jose el Alto prison, where the rest of the detainees are being held for the events that caused injuries to 26 fans.

So far, of the 26 arrest warrants that were requested from a control judge, 14 have been executed and the authorities continue to track down those responsible.

What sanctions did Queretaro receive after the brawl at the Corregidora Stadium?

The Liga MX Owners’ Assembly approved measures to punish Queretaro and Atlas fans, who staged a bloody brawl on Saturday at the Corregidora Stadium.

Mikel Arriola, Liga MX president, described the sanctions as “historic decisions”. Yon de Luisa, the Mexican Soccer Federation (FMF) president, condemned the events and announced the immediate sanctions against Club Queretaro.

Queretaro Sanctions

  • Loses the match by 0-3.
  • 1 year playing all home games behind closed doors.
  • Women’s category and basic forces will also play behind closed doors.
  • A fine of 1 million 500 thousand pesos
  • Queretaro’s cheering group is banned from attending home games for 3 years and 1 year for away games.
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Measures against violence in Mexican stadiums

  • Visiting fans groups shall not be allowed to enter the matches.
  • All clubs must generate an identity for each of the members of the cheering groups, in order to enter the designated area in their home games.
  • The designated area will only be able to receive identified fans, without permission for minors. The number of people will be limited.
  • Clubs will not be allowed to give any kind of support to cheering groups. If they are caught, they will receive a financial fine and a stadium ban for the next home game.
  • The 2022-23 season will see the mandatory implementation of FANiD for those entering home supporters’ groups. Facial recognition systems for all fans.


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