Monday, June 27

The incredible story of MotoGP’s rain charmer

MotoGP‘s return to Indonesia was delayed on Sunday due to heavy rain, and there were fears the second round of the 2022 season wouldn’t get underway.

However, the rain, perhaps coincidentally, stopped after a woman with a golden ball walked bare foot down the pit lane.

Her name is Rara Istiati Wulandari from Papua New Guinea, born on October 22, 1983. Wulandari‘s family is from the island of Java and she currently lives in Denpansar, Bali.

The 38-year-old’s father worked at the Sultan’s Solo Palace in Java and taught her spiritualism and the arts to stop the rain, or to make it rain, from the age of nine.

“I just wanted Indonesia to be proud,” Wulandari told MARCA. “I wanted to help MotoGP. I did it because I love Indonesia.

“I’m working and I am praying because it is still expected that there will be much more rain.”

However, the National Meteorological Agency in Indonesia were not impressed by the viral image, with a spokesperson saying the clouds were discharged which forced the rain to stop, so it was the use of science rather than a spirit.

Who is Rara Istiati Wulandari?

Wulandari is a member of the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation and worked at the 2018 Asian Games, as well as the World Superbikes’ visit to Mandalika in November 2021.

She slept at the circuit for 21 days prior to MotoGP‘s arrival in Indonesia before conducting a ceremony prior to the opening practice session.


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