Sunday, July 3

McGregor reveals his first trade before becoming an MMA star

Conor McGregor has discussed about his humble upbringing in Ireland and his transition from being a plumber into becoming one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time.

The 33-year-old boxer revealed that he spent almost two years working as a plumber in Ireland and claimed that there were certain lessons that he learned from his first-ever trade.

“There’s no chasing your dreams and doing what you want to do, get a trade or get in and do a job,” McGregor said, according to Essentially Sports.

“So, I got the first trade that came my way, which was plumbing. I mean, I spent 18 months doing that and I’m looking around the site. And I’m looking at the fully qualified people you know, bad backs and bad posture.

“When I walked out of the job, I left the plumbing. Obviously, me man and I weren’t too happy, you know what I mean so but over time they saw the amount of work I put in almost hardened me. I’m the hardest working athlete on this island.”

Dream big

McGregor has always insisted that in order to achieve your objective you always chase your dreams, believing that the most successful people are those who dream big.

“I believe it’s very important not just to have dreams, but to recognise what your dream is and what you are passionate about, and never give up on your dream,” he said back in 2016.

“To those who are looking to win this competition, show up, speak passionately about where you want to go, who you want to meet, and the person with the most passion and dedication to their craft will shine through. So make sure to dream big.

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“To have people look up at me and take inspiration from what I’m doing, that’s something I take great, great pride in.”


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