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Push Press Workout: How many reps of push press should you do?

The push press is one of the most popular exercises for people who are looking to increase their shoulder strength, but before performing this fitness workout you should make sure that you are mobilising your shoulders and your wrists to avoid potential injuries.

Here, in this guide to the popular exercise of the push press, we’ll work through some of the dos and don’ts to this routine.

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How to perform the push press

Start with your feet underneath your hips and with your hands outside the shoulders, with a full grip on the bar. With a tight and rigid body, break at the hips and knees, dipping straight down and dynamically straight back up.

Make sure that you are keeping a vertical torso and press the bar straight up while moving your head back and out of the way. Arms should then come to full lockout overhead with the bar over the centre of the body.

Many confuse the push press with another popular exercise, the overhead press, which involves your legs being locked out, with both your upper and lower body rigid while you are pushing purely with your shoulders and then back down to the starting position.

However, with the push press, you are actually involving the lower legs, which is very important in order to perform the exercise correctly.

Keep in mind that your stance should be about hip width, with your toes pointing straight forward, while you are grabbing the bar in a way that your forms are vertical to the floor.

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How many reps of push press should you do?

Those of you who are looking to build muscles should try to perform from four to six reps of the push press, while three to five reps are ideal for those who are prioritising building strength over hypertrophy.


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