Saturday, July 2

Nadal on Wimbledon banning Russian players: Let’s see if we can take some kind of decision

Rafa Nadal has voiced his opposition with regard to Wimbledon‘s decision to ban Russian and Belarussian entrants from playing.

This is down to the ongoing Western boycott of Russia and their allies after the country’s invasion of Ukraine earlier in the year.

“Let’s see if we can take some kind of decision on this,” Nadal explained.

“It’s very unfair to my colleagues, they aren’t to blame for what is happening with the war. I feel sorry for them and I wish it wasn’t like this.

“In the end, we know that this is what it is. When the government puts measures in place, we have to follow them.”

Nadal hopes rib fracture is behind him

A rib fracture has kept Nadal out of action in recent weeks, yet the legendary tennis star believes he is over the worst of the ailment.

“I’ve recovered from the injury, to be honest,” he added.

“Tennis and preparation are different stories, those who have broken a rib know how restricting it is, I had difficulty sleeping because of the pain in the first few weeks.

“It’s an injury that didn’t allow me to do almost anything, it hurt even when I just did aerobic work.”


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