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Bruins vs Hurricanes Game 5 Odds, Picks, and Predictions

Boston Bruins celebrating after a win over Carolina

May 8, 2022; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; The Boston Bruins celebrate their win over the Carolina Hurricanes in game four of the first round of the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs at TD Garden. Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports
  • The Carolina Hurricanes are -140 home favorites over the Boston Bruins in Game 5 of their Stanley Cup Eastern Conference opening-round series on Tuesday, May 10
  • The home team has won all four games in this series
  • Carolina has won three straight home games over Boston, outscoring the Bruins 13-3

If that old theory that a Stanley Cup set isn’t a series until the home team wins is true, then the Boston Bruins and Carolina Hurricanes are still getting started,

Four games into this set, the home team is 4-0 and it hasn’t been close. Carolina won the first two games by a combined margin of 10-3. Boston rebounded at home with back-to-back wins by a 9-4 edge.

In the NHL betting lines, oddsmakers are liking the home cooking to continue to percolate in Game 5. It’s the Hurricanes who are set as -140 home favorites. The winning team has covered the puck line in each of the past six games between these two teams.

Bruins vs Hurricanes Odds

Team Puck Line Total Moneyline
Boston Bruins +1.5 (-230) O 6 (+100) +120
Carolina Hurricanes -1.5 (+190) U 6 (-120) -140

Odds as of May 9th at Caesars Sportsbook.

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The puck is set to drop at 7:00 pm ET inside PNC Arena on Tuesday, May 10. The broadcast is being provided by ESPN.

Boston vs Carolina NHL Betting Trends

Their moneyline odds of -140 is providing the Canes with an implied probability of victory of 56.7%. In the NHL betting trends, the public is all over the Bruins in puck line wagering.

Bruins vs Hurricanes Recent Results

Date Home-Away Moneyline Puck Line Over/Under
2/10/2022 Boston 0 Carolina 6 CAR CAR Over
5/2/2022 Carolina 5 Boston 1 CAR CAR Over
5/4/2022 Carolina 5 Boston 2 CAR CAR Over
5/6/2022 Boston 4 Carolina 2 BOS BOS Over
5/8/2022 Boston 5 Carolina 2 BOS BOS Over

A familiar storyline emerged for the Bruins in Game 4. The reunited Perfection Line of Patrice Bergeron, David Pastrnak and Brad Marchand combined for four goals and six assists in the Game 4 triumph. Marchand finished with five points. He leads all Stanley Cup scorers with nine points.

Prop bettors take note – the Hurricanes have opened the scoring in all four games. Of concern to Carolina is that Marchand used his other talent as an agitator to get under the skin of Canes defenseman Tony DeAngelo. DeAngelo angrily threw his stick to try and prevent Marchand’s empty-net goal. He’s been a disruption on previous teams and Carolina coach Rod Brind’Amour can’t allow DeAngelo’s antics to be distracting to his team.

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Boston vs Carolina Injury Report

Boston is without two of its top-four defensemen in Charlie McAvoy (COVID-19 protocol) and Hampus Lindholm (upper-body). McAvoy was feeling better Monday but is unlikely for Game 5.

Lindholm has missed the last two games. He’s not been ruled out for Game 5 but also hasn’t been cleared to play. As Carolina regains the last change and matchup advantage at home, his return would be vital for Boston.

Carolina is missing #1 goalie Frederik Andersson (undisclosed), defenseman Jake Gardiner (hip/back) and forward Jordan Martinook (lower-body).

Both Teams Playing Musical Goalies

Both the Bruins and the Hurricanes have utilized two goalies through the four games played so far. In Boston’s case, the switch was due to results. Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy opted to go with veteran Linus Ullmark and he lost the first two games.

Changing to rookie Jeremy Swayman at home, he’s been solid in the two Boston victories. But now he gets tested on the road for the first time in his Stanley Cup career. In his only career start at Carolina, Swayman and the Bruins were beaten 3-0 on Oct. 28.

Bruins vs Hurricanes Projected Starting Goalies

Team Goalie Record SV% GAA
Bruins Jeremy Swayman 2-0 .925 2.00
Hurricanes Antti Raanta 1-1 .928 2.41

Already minus Andersson, the Canes lost #2 goalie Antti Raanta in Game 2 after a collision with Pastrnak. He returned to action for Game 4.

His Game 4 setback marked the first time in four appearances that Raanta lost to the Bruins. He’s 2-1 with a .927 save percentage against Boston.

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Bruins vs Hurricanes Game 5 Prediction

There’s a couple of interesting betting trends at work in this series. Firstly, the over has been the play on the total in all four games and in fact, in each of the past five games between the teams.

Secondly, the winning team in each of the four games has never scored fewer than four goals. Meanwhile, the losing team hasn’t potted more than two goals.

[embedded content]

Then there’s that whole home-ice dominance thing going on. It might be tempting to play a same-game parlay of Hurricanes on the moneyline and puck line and the over.

Definitely play the Canes to cover the spread.

Pick: Carolina Hurricanes PL -1.5 (+190)

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