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Casey White, the six-foot, 300-pound ‘beast’ with a frightening criminal record

The famous fugitive Casey White is still on everyone’s lips after he escaped from Jefferson Correctional Center thanks to the help of Vicky White, lover and member of the prison’s security team, only to be arrested again.

The truth is that his criminal record makes Casey White someone very dangerous and with whom it is advisable to be careful if we take into account his history with justice and that he is serving a sentence of 75 years in prison.

In 2012 he already spent three years in prison after assaulting his brother. The relative was hit in the face and head by White with an axe handle, which caused his first serious problem with the authorities.

In 2015, he faced a lengthy criminal record after being convicted of breaking and entering, theft of a vehicle and, in addition, police pursuit for this event.

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He committed murder and threatened his ex-partner and sister

That same year he allegedly stabbed and murdered Connie Ridgeway, following his confession in 2020, in addition to stating that he wanted to kill his ex-partner and sister if he managed to escape from the penitentiary.

To this we must add that also in 2015 he stole a van and a firearm that he would use to return to subtract another car that also carried his baby inside.

Supremacist tattoos

White, 2 meters tall and 150 kilos in weight, would also be supremacist after the Marshals Service found tattoos all over his body of this type.


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