Thursday, May 19

Social media users bully Matt Damon for crypto crash

Do you remember Matt Damon appearing in a cryptocurrency commercial? After the crypto crash, people slammed the actor for the Crypto commercial.

Social media users trolled the actor for his appearance for In the last few days, the crypto market lost $200 billion, crashing the investments of many people.

“Fortunes favor the brave,” Damon said during the commercial launched in October 2021.

Crypto investments are extremely volatile. Nevertheless, figures representing cryptocurrencies portray the investment as something clever and courageous.

After the market crash, people began unstoppable bullying Matt Damon

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“Matt Damon was in Oceans 11, 12, 13. You crypto guys just fell victim to his latest heist,” one of the Damon haters said.

Social media users are wondering if Damon will appear in a movie describing the crypto crash market

Matt Damon made a commercial for a trading website. A portal where users can buy and sell cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

There are other celebrities like Larry David pushing for cryptocurrency trading sites or coins. Nevertheless, people like Larry David more than Matt Damon.

In the last week, Bitcoin lost more than 17% of its value. In less than a year, the same crypto lost 50% of its value.

Reports say that the vast majority of cryptos could lose 90% of cryptos will lose 90% of their current value


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