Friday, May 27

Amber Heard hired a private investigator looking for dirt on Johnny Depp… and found nothing

The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is still ongoing and any statement or evidence against any of the characters can be crucial. Therefore, the actress decided to make a decision before the trial in Fairfax.

Who is the investigator Heard hired?

Heard would have hired a private investigator last summer to look for incriminating evidence or statements against Johnny Depp. Paul Barresi, a former porn star, would be the person for whom the interpreter actress her services.

However, it did not go as expected and the detective was not able to find anything that could be used in the trial. After interviewing more than 100 people who were friends or acquaintances of Depp, the conclusion was the same: there was no evidence.

In fact, many of those interviewed agreed on the friendly and generous character of the Golden Globe winner. This is how reports published by the Daily Mail newspaper put it.

“I went to the United States, France, Italy, Great Britain, everywhere Johnny Depp went, I could not find a case or at least an admission that he physically abused a woman. He’s like an angel. Not one of them said anything derogatory,” Barresi explains in his report.

Details about the Depp investigation

He added more details about his investigation: “I interviewed dozens of people who had known him for three decades, and no one had anything bad to say about him. In fact, they couldn’t express enough how generous he was.”

Still, the detective agreed that what stands out most about Depp’s circle is the loyalty of the people he knows. On the only negative aspect, Barresi noted that his circle was “strange and disgusting.”

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