Tuesday, July 5

Baby formula just arrived at US Soil but is it enough to fill the baby bottles of the whole country?

Parents who are desperate to feed their children can relax just a little since the US government just had a shipment that landed recently.

The cargo is set to be for about 78,000 pounds of Nestle Health Science Alfamino Infant and Alfamino Junior formula. The current delivery can fill about half a million bottles of hungry babies and infants.

About half a million bottles will be filled

President Joe Biden made a commitment to help the parents get through this baby formula crisis and he is delivering so far.

The package was purchased from Europe and there are other orders on the way, about 114 pallets of Gerber Good Start Extensive HA formula should be arriving shortly on US soil, however, even with that, it is not enough to feed all of the children that need their formula on a regular basis.

The shortage is everywhere

As you may recall, the shortage is nationwide and no matter what supermarket or store you go to, the shortage is rampant, so much, that parents are driving hours, sometimes even half a day to get to a place where they still have the baby formula in stock

The shortage is because of different reasons

To start, there are some plants that shut down or had to stall production, a situation that the government is looking to help Nestle to restart operations quickly, however, because of the shortage following the demand and supply law, the supermarkets are the last to be restocked. The hierarchy goes like this: Hospitals, pharmacies, doctor’s offices, and grocery stores last.

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Prices will go high

Following the demand, there is a high possibility that the prices for each product rises significantly because of how many people are interested in purchasing the formula.

FDA is taking it easy

To make sure that the formula gets to the correct hands as soon as possible, the FDA has eased regulations so the formula can be imported quickly.


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