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Real Madrid’s superstitions ahead of Champions League finals

The fact that Real Madrid have won each of their last seven Champions League finals, and especially the last four, means that certain rituals prior to the duels remain increasingly strict.

Los Blancos are set to dispute yet another final, this time against Liverpool in Paris. Let’s take a look at the club’s traditions ahead of the finals.

Top secret celebrations

The first rule in to not talk about celebrations. Real Madrid have prepared everything in the event they win the trophy, but it remains well-hidden secret.

The press conference superstitions

Karim Benzema was the player chosen by Real Madrid to represent the club in the pre-match press conference prior their 1-0 defeat to Paris Saint-Germain back on February 14. The fact that Los Blancos lost that game prevented him from attending the press conference before the final, with Marcelo and Thibaut Courtois being the Real Madrid players who talked before the press.

The VIP plane

Real Madrid always charter a plane for relatives, agents, former players, honorary members, journalists and celebrities. Journalists Jorge Bustos and Manuel Jabois are considered as regulars, while Richard Gere was present in the 2016 Champions League final in Milan.

Nacho Pena: Real Madrid’s lucky announcer

The DirecTV journalist made his debut in the Lisbon final and since then he has always been in charge of encouraging the Real Madrid fans and announcing the team’s line-ups and goals.

The banner

Real Madrid will unveil once again the huge banner reading ‘Hasta el final, vamos Real’, which means ‘Until the end, let’s go Real Madrid’.

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Kroos: The last to get off the bus

This ritual is carried out in all the games of the season, especially in important duels. The last to get off the bus is Toni Kroos. It always happens this way.

The plane crew

Real Madrid arranged so the plane crew for the finals in Lisbon, Milan and Cardiff would be the same. The tradition began on the road to Lisbon, after Los Blancos beat Bayern Munich 4-0 at the Allianz Arena in the semi-finals. Tradition was broken in Kiev due to the distance and plane change.

Photo without talisman

There is only one tradition that has not been followed, because Cristiano Ronaldo has departed the club. The Portuguese star, Marcelo and Casemiro always took the same photo on their way to the city that hosted the Champions League final.


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