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The ‘Messi Challenge’ unleashed emotions in Malaga… And some healthy competition to win

The goal was simple: win football shirts, and beautiful ones at that. The fun and rigorous quizzes answered by guests at the Lionel Messi Challenge by, the platform that creates fan tokens, at MARCA Sport Weekend, is the most obvious obstacle, even if it is feasible.

A hundred people attended the event in order to win and demonstrate that technology, sports, and ‘fan tokens’ are becoming more common in the 21st century.

Winning was no easy task, since the well-known youtuber Carles Santalo, better known as ‘Kolderiu,’ and sports writer Miguel Quintana, both entertainers as well as competitors in the hunt for huge prizes, were present.

Download the app for free to access some questions that may have piqued your interest. Because, no, not everyone was familiar with Messi‘s titles or his primary rival.

The Challenge sparked a rivalry between Kolderiu and Quintana, who saw how the Radio MARCA journalist came from behind to win a shirt signed by the Paris Saint-Germain squad.

Another delectable gift up for grabs was Valencia’s special shirt, which shows the new reality that transmits: football – and sport – for everyone, more and more.

Because holders of Los Che ‘fan tokens’ were able to choose which design will be shown on the jersey. It was an infinity sign that symbolised love for the club.

One of the features of is the connection of fans with their favourite clubs, which is made possible by the technology provided by ‘blockchain,’ such as the ability to choose which melody is played in the stadium after a goal is scored or the design of your team’s shirts.

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Those who flocked to Malaga got a firsthand look at it by winning t-shirts just by clicking ‘download.’ is known for its VIP experiences, which allow fans to participate in one-of-a-kind and extraordinary activities relating to their favourite team.

MARCA Sport Weekend, a new behemoth like, has arrived as a reality of sport as we know it. A sport that is becoming more participatory, with an expanding number of global fans eager to contribute awards.

It was LaLiga shirts and balls in Malaga’s Plaza de la Constitucion, but other users have had the opportunity to play in their dream stadiums this year, like the Camp Nou or the Wanda Metropolitano.

More than 130 sports organisations’s technology is already being used by more than 130 sports organisations across the world to engage with their followers. Paris Saint-Germain, FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Valencia, Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Arsenal, Napoli, Manchester City, Flamengo, Corinthians, and River Plate are among the names on the list, which also includes 50 NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLS franchises, as well as eSports clubs, Formula 1 teams, and more.

What is a Fan Token?

A Fan Token is a blockchain-based digital asset that grants its owner access to a service provided by sports organisations to their supporters via an intermediary app.’s work stands out in this area of intermediation.


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