Tuesday, June 28

Jason Momoa and Eiza Gonzalez break up: “They’re just very different people”

After only a few months dating, Jason Momoa and Eiza Gonzalez have decided to split up and take their lives through separate ways. People broke the story when they started dating last month and they are covering this story as well. According to sources from their closest circles, Gonzalez and Momoa broke up simply because they are very different people.

Meaning this was more a fling than an actual relationship. The Mexican actress is already known for spending quality time with some of the biggest actors in Hollywood, she was previously spotted having a holiday with Timothee Chalamet back in 2021. Now she dated Momoa and she moves on to find love again.

There is still love in the air.

According to People, a different source confirmed that the couple had been dating for some tie before it became public and they are trying to work things out. They confirm that they still love each other but they are currently in different stages of their lives.

This exclusivity between Gonzalez and Momoa started back in February, but their busy schedules have made things increasingly difficult despite their efforts to keep a relationship. Given that they aren’t too invested, they are still trying to see where it goes while still focusing on their work.

Due to Momoa‘s adventurous nature, Eiza Gonzalez was a breath of fresh air for him after announcing his divorce with Lisa Monet. But Eiza seems to want something for the long run while Jason is about the philosophy of spreading the love all around. Keep in mind that for Momoa, spending more time with his kids come first.

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Gonzalez completely understands this but she might be looking for something entirely different. Jason Momoa has supported Eiza since the start of their relationship, he even attended the Michael Bay ‘Ambulance‘ film premiere but they didn’t walk the red carpet together.


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