Tuesday, June 28

Southgate and players criticised after England’s thrashing to Hungary: Shut up you clowns

In what was England‘s worst home defeat in 94 years, Hungary beat the Three Lions 4-0 at Molineux on Tuesday in the UEFA Nations League.

The players and coach have been at the receiving end of criticism following the defeat to Hungary, who are now surprisingly topping League A’s Group 3 which also includes Italy and Germany.

The Daily Mail described the result as a “humiliating defeat” and believes that it will leave a mark ahead of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

“Make no mistake, the mental scars from this will stick,” read an article by the English publication.

“But most pertinently of all, it will raise doubts.”

Meanwhile, The Sun labelled England‘s display as “shambolic” stressing that it was “easily the worst of Southgate‘s six-year reign”.

“No wonder Southgate was met with cries of ‘You don’t know what you’re doing’ as the Wolverhampton crowd revolted,” the article noted.

Carragher’s response: Clowns

However, former England and Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher was anything but pleased with the fans’ chants against Southgate.

“‘You don’t know what you’re doing’, shut up you clowns,” Carragher wrote on Twitter.

“This manager has taken the country in two tournaments to the best positions since 1966.

“Also this idea that Southgate is holding this group back is nonsense, this squad is no better than 2004-06, 1996-98.

Southgate has overachieved albeit with favourable draws. Rest up boys and come back to your normal level.”


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