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Elon Musk’s transgender daughter renounces to bear his last name

Contrary to the way he makes himself known in the media when he wishes to make an announcement related to the companies he manages in the world of finance, the South African tycoon is hermetic about his personal life.

However, it is clear from his love affairs over the last 20 years that he is the biological father of eight children, as the pregnancies of his partners in turn have included twins and even triplets.

Hermetic about his children

Now, from there to Musk living with them there is a world in between, because as strange as it may sound, he does not usually spend time with them and those who know him even say that he likes to live alone most of his days.

Perhaps this is the reason why one of his sons has filed a lawsuit to legally get rid of his last name.

Xavier Musk and his brother Griffin are a pair of twins born from the relationship the billionaire had with Canadian writer Justine Wilson. However, both at their mother’s request, they were conceived through in vitro fertilization and were born in 2004.

Actually, it is unknown what kind of emotional relationship Elon Musk had with the twins after separating from Justine, but apparently it has not been good because it is striking that Xavier, once he reached the age of 18, approached the authorities of the county of Los Angeles, California, to request a change of name and surname.

He wants nothing to do with Musk

Upon discovering that his sexual orientation was different from the majority of his generation, since last April 18, the boy requested to be called Vivian Jenna Wilson and is just waiting for the authorities to grant it.

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In the documents filed, she says she wants to be recognized as a woman, but the name change is not only related to her gender, because when referring to her father she stunned those who have ever heard of the billions of dollars that Elon Musk accumulates in his fortune.

“I no longer live with my biological father nor do I wish to be related to him in any way,” emphasized who is legally still called Xavier.

So far, the Tesla owner and Twitter investor has not commented on the matter.


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