Monday, June 27

Logan Paul doesn’t think brother Jake can knock out Floyd Mayweather

Having tasted what it’s like to be in a boxing ring with Floyd Mayweather, Logan Paul doesn’t believe his brother Jake would be able to knock out the retired champion.

The two squared off in a Miami exhibition match last June, with Logan going the full eight rounds with Mayweather.

In the lead up the match and even after, Logan‘s younger brother Jake made it clear he’s interested in stepping into the ring with the former champion as well.

However while speaking on True Geordie’s podcast, Logan stated he doesn’t think his brother would be able to catch Mayweather cleanly.

“Do you think any internet boxer, YouTuber boxer would’ve survived against Floyd?,” said Logan.

“The answer’s no. The answer’s absolutely f***ing not, not even my own brother.

“You’re not going to hit him. I’m fast, I was able to hit him – barely – a couple of times.”

Logan managed to land 28 punches on Mayweather with 13 percent accuracy.

Jake is currently 5-0 but has yet to fight a recognized professional boxer, and Logan would love to see that change with Mayweather as the opponent.

“I’d love to put this to the test. Let’s put the best we’ve got against Floyd and see what happens,” said Logan.

“I could be wrong, maybe I suck. Maybe Jake Paul does knock out Floyd, maybe KSI does knock out Floyd.”


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