New Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson has his sights set on the Super Bowl after leaving the Seattle Seahawks.

Russell Wilson has one Super Bowl title under his belt from 2013. The 33 year old went to the Super Bowl again in 2014 only to lose and hasn’t been back since.

The Denver Broncos last won the title in 2015 under legendary quarterback Peyton Manning. The feeling in Denver is that the team is ready to compete again once it has a quarterback with similar gravitas. 

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“It’s been a blessing just to come here, just to come to an amazing city like Denver, to be a part of it with so many amazing teammates and great coaching staff,” Wilson said Friday, via video from Zac Stevens of DNVR Sports

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“But also, once the trade was going to happen, I said, ‘Hey, listen, I want to make sure that I go to a city that wants to win. I want to make sure I that I go to a team that wants to win. And I want to go to a city that knows how to win.’ And all those three things were checked off the box here in Denver and so I think we’ve got a chance.”