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Irving’s dilemma: Nets won’t give up on extension amid murmurs from LA and New York

The ‘Kyrie Irving bombshell’ shook the foundations of the NBA market. But, almost directly related to his personality, there are reasons that do not rule out another swing of a player as talented as he is controversial off the court.

The Brooklyn Nets will not give up on him and will try to stretch the negotiation as far as possible. Of course, there are several other franchises waiting in the wings.

As reported by Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, the Nets are working on a short-term, incentive-based extension. The reason for this is his back-and-forth campaign last season, in which he failed to play 30 games. It is therefore to be expected that the Nets will want to take a gamble on the player, but with some caveats.

“They’re in a dead-end tunnel,” it was said at the root of the conflict between Irving and the Nets. He preferred a long-term extension after exercising a 36.9 million dollars player option. The Nets prefer to negotiate, and it is reported that they will stretch the deadline to 29 June. It looks like a key move for Brooklyn’s project.

The Nets risked much of their capital last season. The ‘heart’ of the team moved to Philadelphia after they took a gamble to trade James Harden. It didn’t work out and after the Play-In the team was swept by Boston (4-0). Their style of play, based on star players taking turns, never won out. There was little to be surprised about, all things considered.

Los Angeles and New York

So the Nets are at a crossroads. A move that may have a sporting response, but could turn into something more toxic. Therefore, it is a situation in which the teams from the city of Los Angeles and the Knicks, neighbours of Brooklyn, can come out on top.

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The Knicks would be the most likely to do so. Tom Thibodeau is in love with Irving, and would opt to sign him as an unrestricted free agent. However, to do so, the Big Apple team would have to give up a lot of salary because Irving will not go below 40 million a year.

And in Los Angeles the story is different. The point guard, for the time being, want to remain in New York. Without forgetting the Clippers, the Lakers would have to opt to trade players, and the name of Russell Westbrook is in a fundamental role. They appear as favourites in the betting as it would fit them to get rid of Powell, Morris, Kennard, Jackson or even Terance Mann to be able to fit Irving.


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