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Jennifer Lopez’s divorce from Marc Anthony: The worst moment of her career?

The love story between Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony was one of the most talked about in the world of famous Latinos in Hollywood, but it did not have the happy ending that many wanted, although now it is easier for the singer and actress to talk about that relationship.

Jennifer Lopez announces engagement to Ben Affleck

From that marriage came their daughters, Emme and Max, and now there is a good friendship between JLo and Anthony.

A decade of the famous marriage

The relationship between El Flaco de Oro and La Diva del Bronx originated when both were facing two controversial separations, Marc with his first wife Dayanara Torres and Jennifer with Ben Affleck, her current partner and with whom there will be a wedding soon.

Throughout a 10-year courtship and marriage, the then happy couple captivated the public with multiple appearances together in both music and acting. Among the most notable was the Hector Lavoe biopic El Cantante, which starred Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

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On the musical side, they performed iconic songs, such as No me ames and Escapémonos; not to mention memorable performances such as on American Idol in 2011 with the song Aguanile.

JLo talks about her divorce from Marc Anthony

“As an artist, I lost a little bit about who I was trying to build a perfect life, a family life. When my children turned 3, I got divorced, I was a single mom with two young children,” said the 52-year-old actress.

Jennifer Lopez assured that her professional life was also affected after the pregnancy. “At 42, movie roles weren’t knocking on my door and when I went back to work, I felt like I didn’t know what my value was anymore,” she commented.

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“I was doing American Idol, that was my first big job after having babies and it was good for me at the time. People could see me for who I was, and that changed everything,” she said.

Throughout 95 minutes, JLo manifests how she got up from the different emotional blows she has lived through in a documentary that has caused a stir since its arrival to Netflix‘s catalog.


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