Saturday, June 25

Ranjit Bajaj appointed chairman of advisory panel formed to run All India Football Federation

I-League club Minerva Punjab’s former owner Ranjit Bajaj has been appointed as the chairman of the advisory panel formed by the Committee of Administrators (CoA) to oversee the functioning of the All India Football Federation (AIFF).

Bajaj will lead the 12-member committee that also has renowned football journalist, Jaydeep Basu as in charge of ‘media and communication matters.’

A letter issued by the three-member CoA stated, “The members of the advisory committee will oversee the day-to-day matters of various departments of the AIFF and send regular reports to all the members of the CoA for their information and approval (if required).”

AIFF further said in statement that, “Members of the advisory committee will not be eligible for any financial remuneration/assistance for discharging their duties”.

Ranjit Bajaj — Chairman of the Advisory Committee and Integrity matters

Gurslmran Brar — Admin, Legal and Government Liaison matters

Manoj Gupta — Accounts and Finance matters; Akshay Rohatgi — Tournament and Logistics matters

Sankalp Pujari — Player status and Registration matters

lndranil Oas — Club Licensing and Academy Accreditation matters

S. Suresh — Refereeing matters

Savio Medeira — National Teams (men and women) and Coaching matters

Richard Hood — Grassroots and Futsal matters

Jaydeep Basu — Media and Communication matters

Pushpargha Chatterjee — HR matters

Oebashis Dey — Member of the Advisory Committee.


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