Sunday, June 26

Two and a half years in prison for Mario Cipollini, accused of threatening and assaulting his ex-wife

Mario Cipollini, considered by many to be the greatest sprinter of all time, is facing a possible sentence of more than two years in prison after being accused by his ex-wife of assault and making threats.

During the last few years it became known that Cipollini was accused of mistreating his former partner, Sabrina Landucci as the Italian was reported to the police for allegedly grabbing her by the neck and pointing a gun at her.

“I’m going to kill you,” he was reported to have threatened her with, also saying he would “break your bones” or “tear out your brain with your hands”.

For these alleged crimes, prosecutors have asked for two and a half years in prison and 80,000 euros in compensation.

“He carried out a series of acts that damaged the physical and mental integrity of Landucci through punches, blows or kicks,” a statement read.

In addition, it also adds that ‘Il Bello’ threatened Silivo Giusti, Landucci‘s current partner and who filed the complaint together with her.

Cipollini and Landucci separated on December 16, 2016 and a few weeks later came the first complaint about the former Italian cyclist.

The Italian has won 42 Giro d’Italia stages in his career, but that success will soon be forgotten as he now has until July 13 to make his defence and face a verdict as he continues to deny the accusations.


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