NFL playoff bracket: Who will 49ers or Seahawks play in 2023 divisional round with a win?

The 49ers and Seahawks face each other in a divisional matchup of the Nos. 2 and 7 seeds in the NFC. The Niners swept the teams’ regular-season series, winning 27-7 in the first matchup and 21-13 in the second.

The Seahawks, however, have made a habit of defying the odds this year. After clinching the playoffs thanks to a Detroit win in the very last game of the regular season, Seattle is looking to make a playoff run behind Geno Smith in its first season of the post-Russell Wilson era.

For the 49ers, despite being on their third QB of the year — Mr. Irrelevant 2022 Brock Purdy — the Super Bowl is still the goal. Purdy is unbeaten in his first five NFL starts, and looking to cement his rookie legacy with a strong postseason appearance.

The NFL, of course, re-seeds games after the postseason. So the winner of this game has quite a few possibilities.

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Here’s a look at the possible different opponents for both the 49ers and the Seahawks in Divisional Round, should they advance.

2023 NFL playoff bracket

NFL playoff bracket 2023

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Who will the 49ers play if they beat the Seahawks?

As the No. 2 seed, there are a few ways a 49ers win could shake out, and all of them involve playing in Santa Clara.

If the Vikings defeat the Giants, the 49ers are guaranteed to play Minnesota as the No. 3 seed. Should the Giants manage to upset the Vikings, San Francisco would play the winner of Buccaneers vs. Cowboys by virtue of re-seeding.

With the No. 7 Seahawks eliminated, the No. 6 seed — in this case the Giants — would be the lowest left, guaranteeing a date with the Eagles.

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So, possible divisional round matchups are:

  • No. 2 49ers vs. No. 3 Vikings and No. 1 Eagles vs. No. 4 Buccaneers OR No. 5 Cowboys
  • No. 2 49ers vs. No. 4 Buccaneers OR No. 5 Cowboys and No. 1 Eagles vs. No. 6 Giants

Put simply, the Niners’ opponent would depend on what happens between the Vikings and Giants.

Who will the Seahawks play if they beat the 49ers?

Here’s a mental breather, this one is way simpler.

If the No. 7 Seahawks beat the 49ers, they would be guaranteed to see the Eagles next weekend, full stop.

Because of re-seeding, the No. 7 team will always play No. 1 should it advance. No new scenarios to play out here with the Eagles on a bye.

In this case possible divisional round matchups would be:

  • No. 1 Eagles vs. No. 7 Seahawks and the winners of Vikings vs. Giants and Buccaneers vs. Cowboys


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