Inoue reveals PRIDE FC contract excluded steroid testing

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MMA legend Enson Inoue verified a lot of long-standing rumors about steroid use during the PRIDE FC era.

Outside of all the memorable bouts and a roster that was once filled with some of the sport’s most legendary names, the now-defunct PRIDE FC organization also had another, less glorious reputation: performance-enhancing drugs. It’s long been an open secret to most hardcore fans, that steroid and PED use was rampant during the pride era. But knowing something and having solid proof are two very different things.

Enson Inoue, who competed under the Japan-based organization from 1999 to 2002, took to Twitter on Sunday to share some pages of his old PRIDE contract. The 55-year-old legend included portions of the document that specifically indicated the organization’s stance on PED use (H/T MMA Mania). Notably, that they weren’t going to look for it.

“Fighter agrees to be tested immediately following the fight of each Fighting Event, to confirm the freedom of use of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and barbiturates,” the document reads. “Should the test result be positive, then, Fighter shall forfeit all amounts payable under this Agreement.

“Performance enhancing stimulants of steroid based family are specifically excluded from the scope of test.”

Inoue, who holds a win over UFC Hall of Famer and two-division champion Randy Couture, fought on until 2010 at the age of 43. He holds a professional record of 12-8.


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