Jeff Molina suspended, accused of ‘substantial’ involvement in UFC betting scandal

Jeff Molina standing next to James Krause after UFC 261.
Jeff Molina, who has worked with James Krause at Glory MMA, remains suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission | Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC

The NSAC has extended UFC fighter Jeff Molina’s suspension for his involvement in the James Krause betting scandal

The investigations into the betting irregularities around the November 5, 2022, UFC Vegas 64 fight between Darrick Minner and Shayilan Nuerdanbieke have yet to wrap up. With that, Minner and his coach, James Krause, remain on indefinite suspension by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. On Tuesday, the NSAC addressed the suspension of another UFC fighter who worked with Krause at Glory MMA, Jeff Molina.

The NSAC initially suspended Molina in late December. ESPN reported at the time that Molina’s suspension was listed as “uncategorized” in the Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports (ABC) internal database. Molina, who last fought on June 4, 2022, is the No. 14 fighter in the official UFC flyweight rankings.

Molina, who has referred to himself on social media as an “MMA gambling degenerate” was a supporter of Krause and his 1% Club MMA betting Discord channel.

“He’s trained w/ a lot of the fighters, lives and breathes this sport as a coach/fighter, & at times has the scoop on injuries — non-announced matchups — how fighters look like in camp, etc.,” Molina wrote the since shuttered group. “In stocks this is called insider trading in MMA betting it’s called James Krause. For the last 6 months all my bills including mortgage and car note have been paid via Krause’s picks. Do yourself a favor and join the VIP.”

The NSAC addressed Molina’s suspension during Tuesday’s monthly meeting of the commission.

Nevada deputy attorney general Joel Bekker said of Molina, “Evidence has come to light leading to allegations that Jeff Molina was involved in some substantial way in the gaming scheme currently under ongoing investigation related to James Krause based on this evidence, executive director (Jeff) Mullen temporarily suspended (Molina’s) license on December 13, 2022. It is now being requested that this suspension, pending resolution of the investigations and any subsequent formal disciplinary actions.”

The motion to extend Molina’s suspension was approved.

Molina’s suspension like that of Krause and Minner will be active until the investigations are completed. The NSAC did not indicate when the investigations might be finished.

About the author: Trent Reinsmith is a reporter and opinion writer who has been covering combat sports since 2008. He specializes in the day-to-day business of MMA.


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