“Chop Both His Legs”: Giants WR Declares a Date War With Teammate to Catch Margot Robbie’s Blue Eyes

Dating rumors and the NFL have a very straightforward relationship. Every week or so there are new developments involving different NFL players and different celebrities. The most recent one involves Margot Robbie and the wide receivers of the New York Giants. It seems like the Twitter rumor mill has churned out another one.

There seems to be a rumor involving WR Isaiah Hodgins and Margot Robbie. More interestingly, another NY Giant retweeted the post and made some interesting statements. His teammate’s hilarious words garnered some interesting reactions from the fans as well.

Fans react to NY Giants’ and Margot Robbie rumors

It seems like one of the rumors that went popular involved Margot Robbie and Isaiah Hodgins. Furthermore, the rumor garnered some hilarious reactions from the WR’s fellow New York Giant.


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Darius Slayton had a hilarious reaction to the supposed news that had gone viral on Twitter. He jokingly threatened his teammate with the supposed achievement he had in his dating life.

The hilarious tweet also garnered some funny reactions from NFL fans. Fans made a joke about Hodgins and Slayton.

However, fans ruined the rumor moment by mentioning some reality.

Fans also made fun of Slayton’s receiving skills.

Furthermore, a fan pompously spoke about the news being fake.

Fans also mentioned Margot’s existing family.

It seems like fans might have ruined the rumors of Robbie and Hodgins. Furthermore, the reality of Robbie’s love life might have saved the WR from a beating from his fellow teammate.

The happily married Robbie

It seems like Margot Robbie has already tied the knot with film producer, Tom Ackerley. The duo got married in 2016. The couple has been the one that has had beautiful a marriage despite the rumors that routinely fly around.

It seems like whoever dreamed this up has had water thrown on their dreams. However, the supposed rumor did bring about some hilarity. Hodgin’s teammate’s reaction was truly worth spreading. It only remains to be seen how other NFL players will react when they are inevitably prey to such rumors.

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