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Pregnant Otter Stole a Surfer’s Board in One of the Most Hilarious Videos in 2022

While Nick Ericksen is used to facing challenges while surfing, an encounter with an otter completely shocked him. After an otter snatched away his board,  a very comic faceoff began for this surfboard. A hilarious video posted on Instagram on 14th September 2022 told all details about the entire incident. 

This video was shared by Chad Underhill-Meras. Giving an interesting account of the otter’s reaction after stealing, Underhill-Meras recounted a lesser-known fact about Ericksen. How Ericksen was finally rescued from this otter’s attack was also revealed in 2022. Along with this, Ericksen also responded to this unforgettable incident.

Surfing enthusiast Nick Ericksen’s face-off needed an extra couple of hands to successfully retrieve his board

Underhill-Meras narrated how the funny incident with Ericksen took place on 13th September 2022, Monday. Further continuing, Underhill-Meras described how, “A pregnant otter stole his surfboard, starts gnawing on it, and they had a standoff.”


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Continuing, Underhill-Meras explained, “At the end, he gets a little help to get his board back, almost attacked at a couple points, then gets chased in like a true local.”  As per reports, another surfer then helped Ericksen wrestle his surfboard and saved the surfer. In a funny anecdote, Underhill-Meras also recalled how Ericksen had desired to have a tattoo of an otter but now his perspective might’ve changed. 

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It looks cute but knows how dangerous it can be”, Ericksen elaborated. This wasn’t the only incident where an animal had a surprising encounter with a surfer. In another encounter, a wild boar shockingly made a bite mark on a surfer’s board. Read on to find out how Ingrid Seiple finally escaped from the wild boar!

Ingrid Seiple’s astonishing account of her encounter with the wild boar 

The Hawaiian surfer related all details of the incident in a 2021 interview given to KITV. Describing how she wrongly assumed the boar to be a log, the ‘log’ lifted its head. “It started swimming toward me like crazy”. Seiple elaborated. 

Her immediate response was paddling away as far as possible. However, with amazing speed, the wild boar reduced its distance with Seiple. Seiple confessed how the wild boar’s teeth made a mark on her board. Afraid, Seiple swam far away from the animal. Luckily for Seiple, the wild boar stopped following her after some time. 

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Ericksen’s and Seiple’s encounters with animals again emphasize the importance of taking more precautions while surfing. Do you think Ericksen should have left his board with the otter and just swam away? Share your unique opinions in the comments section.

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