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Crossing 500 Was Too Emotional a Moment for Tampa Captain, Reveals Candid Message Shared for Whole Team

The 500th goal scored by Steve Stamkos for the Tampa Bay Lightning on January 19, cemented his place in NHL records. Stamkos scored his 500th goal against the Vancouver Canucks, and also scored a hat trick. The game was absolutely thrilling and was followed by celebrations both on the ice rink and in the locker room.

The squad as a whole took some time to revel in the success of its captain. Stamkos, however, was quite emotional in the locker room. After the game, he expressed his appreciation for his teammates. As he advances in his career, Stamkos ensures that he expresses his gratitude to the team’s coaching and training personnel.

NHL star gets emotional after winning his 500th goal

Steven Stamkos scored a hat trick in the same game, making him the eighth player to do it in the 500th goal game. He also competes to break Wayne Gretzky’s record, joining winger Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals (810) and center Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins (538).

Stamkos shares a wholesome message to his team in the locker room. In the YouTube video posted by the official channel of Tampa Bay Lightning, he says, “It’s a testament to playing with some amazing teammates, having great coaches over the years. You don’t really reflect on things as you go you know in your career but I mean I don’t like to usually think of myself but 500 goals that means a lot to me. You know I’ve been through some my career and everyone in this room I mean training staff um have supported me and never doubt me and these are the moments that you reflect on those and it’s pretty emotional.”

Stamkos, who has made a reputation for himself among the NHL’s all-time greats, expressed his gratitude to his many teammates. Stamkos’s message was cut short when his coach, Jon Cooper, sprung a surprise on him. The whole team along with head trainer Tom Mulligan, and assistant Mike Poirier applauded Stamkos, while Mulligan handed the captain his 500th goal puck.

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Stamkos scores his record-breaking goal in style

The ice rink did melt for the Vancouver Canucks as the Tampa Bay Lightning scored the game’s opening goal barely five minutes into the game. Steven Stamkos alone was responsible for the goal.

He did mark his 500th in style, as the crowd and the commentator went insane during the moment. Scoring the goal, and joining the big leagues didn’t stop him to continue his streak into the game. Stamkos scored twice more to help the Lightning crush the Canucks 5-2; once in the game’s 15th minute and once in the 59th.

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