Ex-UFC Champ Bas Rutten Recalls “Scary” KO That Put Opponent to Sleep for Over 24 Hours: “He Still Didn’t Wake Up the Next Day”

MMA legend Bas Rutten is closing in on almost three decades since his debut fight. While talking to Submission Radio, the former UFC champion shared his side of the story when he faced Ryushi Yanagisawa in Japan. Rutten disclosed how the fight changed his life and earned him the love of the Japanese people. MMA fans from the older generation will most certainly remember this epic knockout as Rutten KO’d his opponent early in the first round itself in spectacular fashion.

Along with the after-effects of the fight on his popularity, the Dutchman also revealed an interesting fact. The 57-year-old disclosed how the knockout made him consider retiring from the sport right after one fight. Continue reading to find out how the event shaped Bas Rutten and his MMA career.

Bas Rutten on fight with Ryushi Yanagisawa earned him the love of Japanese MMA fans

While talking to Submission Radio, Bas Rutten was reminded about the thirtieth anniversary of his MMA debut. This, of course, led to Rutten talking about the fight against Ryushi Yanagisawa. The former heavyweight champ recalled in delight as he recounted the finish and how he celebrated. The importance of the fight was clearly evident, as Rutten even called it a ‘life-changing’ moment. “life-changing, it was the most insane thing that I saw, felt, experienced. I think I knocked him out and people going crazy for me. I mean, in Holland that happens when a Japanese guy comes and knocks out a dutch guy, he’s gonna need security.” Stated the 57-year-old as he pointed out the difference in culture

He continued to vividly recall the scenes that occurred after the fight. “But Japan, they embraced me immediately. I always talked about this. It was a couple with a baby. I had no clue why they were with a baby. But they asked to take a picture with the baby. I felt like a president with the baby in my hand. I was flexing. I remember doing these crazy poses.”

The most surprising thing happened to Rutten the next day. As per his recollection, people started bowing in front of him in the streets as a show of respect.

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“Next day when I walked on the street people started bowing to me like one in every 10,15 people.” He then mentions seeing himself in the newspaper: “Then I saw the newspaper with me in the splits hanging in the air and my opponent laying in the ground knocked out. I get goosebumps now.”

It clearly was a life-changing moment for the legend, and the next part that he narrated made it even more so.

Why did Rutten contemplate retirement after the fight?

The 57-year-old finished Yanagisawa in the first round with a palm strike. As per Rutten, the knockout was so lethal that Yanagisawa didn’t wake up for a whole day. He remembered being clearly scared and worried following that. “It was a little scary too, because he still didn’t wake up the next day. It took like a day and a half. It was really bad.” stated Rutten.

This led him to contemplate retirement right after the fight. He remembered talking to his wife and talking about it. “I was talking to my wife. If he’s not coming out, I don’t wanna do this anymore.” Recollected the former heavyweight champ

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Ultimately, it didn’t end like this for both the fighters. Both athletes went on to have fulfilling careers with Rutten even winning the UFC Heavyweight title, beating another legend in Kevin Randleman.

In a generation of names like Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou, MMA fans must surely once in a while revisit the old-time fighters like Bas Rutten and keep their legacy alive.  

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