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“Always Praying and Here for You!”: LaMelo Ball’s Girlfriend, Popular TV Star and Hundreds Gather in Support of Struggling ‘Supermodel’

Charlotte Hornets star LaMelo Ball is one of the most mysterious and private personalities in the league. Unlike many other NBA athletes, he doesn’t really like to show off on social media. For a long time, people were very speculative about his love life and rumors were flying around linking him to top models and other celebrities. Finally, he revealed his girlfriend and she happens to be Analicia Chaves.

She is popularly known as Ana Montana and is a fashion influencer. Montana recently took to her Instagram stories to help out her friend who is suffering from a major disease.

LaMelo Ball’s girlfriend rallies her followers for a dear friend

Analicia Chaves, aka Ana Montana, is a popular internet celebrity. She has been in several music videos of eminent names like Flo Rida and Rick Ross. Moreover, she was once spotted with Real Madrid soccer star Karim Benzema.

Montana posted a story on Instagram for her friend Jessica Dykstra. The model is suffering from lymphoma and has started a public donation link in order to sustain herself.

Montana shared the link and wrote a sweet message of encouraging words for her friend. She wrote, “Plz donate to one of my really good friends. Love you. Your so strong always praying and here for you!”

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Numerous big names from the fashion and entertainment industry have posted similar messages for Dykstra as she goes through this rough phase in her life.

Ball revealed his girlfriend to the world in an interesting way

LaMelo Ball has quickly risen through the ranks to become one of the biggest names in basketball. Naturally, this has brought in a lot of fame and unnecessary attention. Safe to say, he has done well to keep his private life a secret. 


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Last year, the Hornets star broke a lot of hearts as he revealed that he was indeed in a relationship. Ball posted a series of photos of himself and Montana on Instagram. Montana sported a hoodie from the brand LaFrance. Interestingly, LaFrance happens to be the middle name of LaMelo Ball.

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