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“Very Impressive but…”: Viral Video Shows Woman Imitating Bruce Lee’s Ancient Martial Arts Moves Blindfolded and Fans Can’t Keep Calm

Martial artist-turned-actor Bruce Lee will always be the greatest global icon ever. His stardom was such that whatever he did, including the several tricks up his sleeve, became a part of pop culture. So was the use of the nunchuck that Bruce Lee did on-screen in 1971, that made the small Kung-Fu weapon a rage across the world. Recently, a viral video of a girl gained hearts on the internet when netizens noticed her performing impeccably with nunchucks just like Lee.  

Nunchuck is a traditional Japanese weapon originally developed in Okinawa. It was not famous until Lee used it in a fighting sequence in his 1971 film Fist of Fury. Moreover, the sight of someone using nunchucks seems effortless and admirable. The girl who performed with nunchucks seemed absolutely a master at using the weapon. 

Fans react to a girl using nunchucks like Bruce Lee

Recently, a video of a young girl won great admiration on the internet while she performed with nunchucks. She impressed viewers by performing tricks, like putting off a line of several candles at once with the nunchucks. The girl could also effortlessly swipe out a card stuck between two bottles. Lastly, she was also able to light matchsticks with the nunchucks in one go. Her tricks made fans identify her with Bruce Lee. Many quickly jumped to the comment section on Twitter expressing their awe for her. Take a look:

Moreover, a fan stated that was a female version of Bruce Lee;

However, one fan demanded to see the unedited version of the video;

A few netizens judged her on the basis of her expression while performing with the nunchucks:

Another fan wished to see more such content coming up from her;

Definitely, the girl looks flawless while performing her tricks. Indeed, she can match up to the ease with which master Bruce Lee would do it. But did you know that Lee hated nunchucks initially? His documentary, I Am Bruce Lee, talks about this in detail.

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Lee did not like nunchucks

Yes! Bruce Lee hated nunchucks in the beginning. Dan Inosanto, a close associate of Lee, revealed in his documentary that he would find nunchucks to be a “worthless piece of junk”. However, Inosanto brought a significant change in Lee’s fondness for nunchucks. He would perform martial art with Lee.  So he decided to train him to perform the Kung Fu weapon.

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Within three months of training, Lee became a master at it. After this, Lee incorporated nunchucks in the fighting sequence of his films Fist of Fury and Way of Dragon. Naturally, it became a great part of pop culture, and continues to be a reminder of Lee’s legacy.



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