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“Can’t Watch It Anymore”: Another Surfing Main Event Ends Up Disappointing Fans All Around

The core of the surfing sphere and also the birthplace of the sport, Hawaii, hosted the 2023 Billabong Pro Pipeline. In honor and memory of the exemplary surfer, Andy Irons, top surfers worldwide assemble at the World Surf League Championship Tour to compete against one another. The 2023 event kickstarted on February 1st and fans are already involved. 

Recent footage of Day 1 at the Pipeline event was posted by the World Surf League on YouTube. Pretty jazzed fans, expected to witness the whole event online. However, the marketing aspects of the sport didn’t sit quite well with them. Thus, they retorted to the comments section with their reactions.

Fans disappointed over the Surfing Billabong event

As per the highlights posted by the source, a glimpse of the opening day of the Championships Tour (CT) featured some of the greatest surfers in play. Hawaii hosted the CT’s first event at the Billabong Pipeline, which turned out to be a massive success. The surfers displayed their gliding prowess and flair, ranging from top-notch competitors to rookies, having a go at claiming their victory. While such a happening affair is essential for fans and enthusiasts to watch, they ended up dispirited, since the entire stream video was made private and they were only left with the highlights.

Following are some of the reactions: 

“The ASP has gone downhill fast since the name change, can’t watch it anymore”

“I watched all the Live events in the last year. Since I also work as every average Joel, I saved the events in my watchlist and checked them out later. The Pipe Day 1 became a private video just now. Will it be like that this year? It’s just sad, watching highlights from an event is not the same as watching the event”

“The down fall of the WSL begins absolutely gutted to be watching just the highlights heartbreaking”

“so sad (and pissed off) to see the live stream replay has been made private video, is this further commercialism of the surfing industry, trying to bleed the fans dry by forcing us to subscribe to whatever streaming platform has the broadcast rights at the moment..? Very disappointing…”

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However, a few of the reactions diverted from the majorly discussed issue. One fan cherished witnessing the world’s champs in their zone. While another denounced the lifeless commentary saying, “Worst commentators in sport, awful.” Implying the main cause, one fan blamed WSL for forcefully pushing surfing into the marketing tactics of mainstream sports. However, the WSL once claimed to be dutiful of preserving their sport and the ocean. 

The World Surf League strides to sake-keep the oceans

According to Sports Business Journal, the principal body of surfing, the WSL has envisioned to protect the surfing arenas. Aligning with their motto, “We are One Ocean,” the chief authorities stated that it’s very important to care for the oceans in order to save the sport.

December 13, 2021, Nazare, Portugal: The Brazilian surfer, Maya Gabeira, rides a wave during the TUDOR Nazare Tow Surfing Challenge presented by Jogos Santa Casa, at Praia do Norte in Nazare. Nazare Portugal – ZUMAs197 20211213_zaa_s197_319 Copyright: xHenriquexCasinhasx

Chief people official, Emily Hofer stated, “It’s our office, our arena, our stadium… as surfers, it’s our home, the place we find peace”. Hence, the WSL formulated an additional branch in 2016, called WSL Pure, to protect and preserve the oceans.

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Surfing is one of the most adventurous sports worldwide, with an overwhelming number of athletes associated with the sport. Hence, preserving it remains a priority, since the degrading quality of natural bodies like oceans and seas may render the sport in danger. How popular do you think surfing will get in the coming years? Let us know in the comments. 

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