Glitch in the Matrix on Ice Means NHL Twitter Won’t Forgive League for “Enhancing the Viewer Experience”

While certain changes in sports are essential as we move ahead in time, it is not always the right decision. As NHL has tried to stay up-to-date with recent technology, their digital ad boards have massively failed to impress the fans. Almost every match the fans have been complaining about the ad board issue.

After another matrix glitch in a recent NHL game, fans took to social media to troll the league in a hilarious way for its wrongful decision.

Not a fun digital experience

During the recent Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins game, a fight broke out between the two teams on the rink. However, more than the fight, a glitch caused due to the digital ad board caught the viewer’s attention. While many were frustrated about the occurring flaw, a fan on Twitter decided to criticize the league.

User @ken___64 posted the video on Twitter, where the player and the referee’s bodies appeared to disappear due to the matrix fault. In the caption, the user wrote, “I’m so glad the NHL went to digital ad boards. Really enhances the viewer experience.” Besides, the fan also used Canadian singer Justin Bieber’s song ‘Ghost’ to describe the situation.

The NHL had announced the introduction of digital ad boards for the current season, and fans were excited to see the new change. However, while the NHL is very happy and proud of its digital ad boards, the fans are continuously requesting the league to change its decision.

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In fact, it has also started affecting the league’s viewership negatively, which will make the league rethink its decision.

Modern decision causes trouble for NHL

Ice hockey is a sport that demands a lot of concentration from the viewers, to notice the puck and follow the quick moments around the rink. However, seems like the digital ad boards are making it difficult for the fans at home to do so.

Some fans are so irritated by the ‘flashy and bright’ ad boards that they prefer not to watch the games at all. Recent research discovered that the league suffered a 22% national TV viewership downfall this season.

While digital television ads like the Tim Horton’s one featuring NHL legend Wayne Gretzky and his late father, Walter, brought goosebumps to many, digital ad boards are a big ‘No’. Even after several complaints, NHL seems to be in denial about their digital ad boards being a huge hit.

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Fans hope that after such a major hit, the league will now take their pleas seriously and stop using digital ad boards in future matches. Until then, the fans might have to enjoy the matrix glitch and maybe keep adding the hilarious touch to it.

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