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WATCH: NHL Star Michael Bunting Let’s Out Anger on Poor Hockey Stick After Not Getting a Penalty

NHL fans in attendance today were treated to a tense contest between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Boston Bruins. With a 5-2 victory over the Maple Leafs, the Bruins got back on track with their winning ways. In the second period, Bruins defender Brandon Carlo accidentally hit Leafs’ winger Michael Bunting in the face with his gloves, and the crowd was not satisfied with the referee’s decision.

At the conclusion of the second period, the Bruins had a 2-1 advantage. Michael Bunting was so upset by the referee’s call that he smashed his ice hockey stick on the bench. Bunting was bleeding from a direct hit from Carlo’s glove, but the referee didn’t account for that.

The NHL fans were disappointed with the decision

Not just Michael Bunting, but all of the NHL fans, including the Leafs and the Bruins, were yelling insults at the referee. Although Brandon Carlo did not intend to strike Bunting in the face, a penalty should have been called in favor of the Maple Leafs.

A fan can understand his rage and says, “I don’t blame him whatsoever.”

A comment was left by a Bruins fan where they agree with the NHL player that reads, “Bruins fan here. That totally should’ve been called a penalty and I can completely understand why Bunting was mad. I thought it was really funny that he waved at the ref while bleeding out of his nose just to show the ref he should’ve called it, I didn’t see that on NESN but that was pretty funny.”

Surprisingly, an Edmonton Oilers fan has also joined the comment section, saying, “So… I’m an Oilers fan, so I have no horse in the race. Here’s my take: It’s a f**king penalty. The ref should call it. Plain and simple. You don’t wanna put your team down a man? Play by the fucking rules. That simple.”

Another Bruins fan also joins the comment section, saying, “Bruins fan here, I get his frustration. i wouldn’t want someone getting their hands in my face and my visor cutting me either. tbh tho idk what call there could be other than interference which is highly subjective to the refs.”

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Here are some more comments reflecting the tense situation of the match.

“That’s the most effort he had all night crying about that miss.”

“One of these days a reff’s guna get knocked the f**k out……”

“He got popped good. Should’ve been a roughing call.”

Not enough heat to melt the ice rink

Despite the controversy surrounding the referee’s decision to not award a penalty to the Toronto Maple Leafs, the game got off to a very normal start. With a scoreless tie after the first period, tensions were low for the Maple Leafs. Three consecutive losses had left the Bruins nervous heading into this contest.

Defenseman Derek Forbort of the Bruins scored the game’s opening goal in the 30th minute. In the next three minutes, Mitchell Marner scored an equalizer for the Maple Leafs. The second period saw the last goal of the second period by the Bruins’ Brandon Carlo. The dominance of the Bruins began during the third period, as A.J. Greer scored just three minutes into the period. Calle Jarnkrok of the Maple Leafs did score the team their second goal only to get dominated by two ending goals of Bruins’ Pavel Zacha. The Bruins’ rout of the Maple Leafs ended a three-game losing streak for Boston.

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What do you think of the referee’s decision in this match? Let us know in the comment section.

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