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‘I couldn’t say no’- Andrade ‘hated’ OnlyFans stint, reveals childhood abuse trauma

Jessica Andrade defeated Lauren Murphy at UFC 283.
Jessica Andrade defeated Lauren Murphy at UFC 283. | Photo by Buda Mendes/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Former UFC strawweight champion Jessica Andrade shared a past of sexual abuse, and regrets doing OnlyFans for money.

Former UFC strawweight champion Jessica Andrade has recently shared some dark secrets about her childhood. Although ‘Bate Estaca’ now seems at peace enough to discuss it, she revealed some unfortunate episodes of sexual abuse that took place when she was only a child in Brazil.

In a conversation on podcast Connect Cast (transcribed by Ag Fight), Andrade discussed her brief stint as an OnlyFans adult content producer and what led her to quitting the endeavor. For Jessica, the gig reminded her too much of her childhood and made old traumas emerge again.

Though Jessica guarantees she did it solely for monetary reasons, she claims it was never her idea to become an OnlyFans model. In fact, Andrade says the only reason why she did it was because her partner at the time mishandled her finances and forced her to start an account on the platform.

“I used to have it (an OnlyFans account), but I don’t anymore. I never liked doing that kind of thing, can you believe it? It was really too much for me. I have some childhood traumas, I was abused and all. When I did that, I felt the same way. Like my hands were tied. I couldn’t react. You know when you freeze? It deeply triggered my trauma. I couldn’t say ‘no’. I never wanted to do this OnlyFans business. I hated it. I had never talked about (being abused). Only the people closest to me knew. The whole world is going to know now. It’s all right. It’s something that really traumatized me and I didn’t know how to say ‘no’. When my first pictures leaked, it was really bad. I had to pretend I was ok, but I wasn’t,”

“That’s why I did it (for money),” She said. “I didn’t know the person who was handling my money. The person would tell me: ‘Leave it to me and I’ll take care of it. You’ll have no problems. I’m really good at working with this’. Then I got screwed. It’s because of my ex-marriage. She managed everything, she handled the money. Then the money ran out. What was I going to do? She didn’t want to accept that we had no money left, that she was going to have to work for a living. When you’re in the United States, you either work or you’re screwed,”

“I had no fights booked. I had lots of bills to pay. So she said ‘Let’s start an OnlyFans’. I said ‘I don’t want to do that stuff’. I’ve always told her. I don’t even like taking photos in a bikini. I said ‘I haven’t worn any underwear since I was 13, now I’m going to wear lingerie?’. Well, she made me wear lingerie. Then it only got worse after that. As the money started to come in, the eyes get bigger. You end up submitting yourself to things that aren’t you,”

Though Jessica was never comfortable with the content she was producing for OnlyFans, the Brazilian says it was not until her master (Gilliard Parana) found out that she decided to quit it. Once again, Andrade emphasized how her repressed childhood trauma played a part in not stopping producing adult content for OnlyFans sooner.

“My master came up to me and said ‘Another one of your videos leaked. (you were) doing something I thought ‘God, I can’t believe Jessica is doing that’. That’s when I told him the truth. Why I was doing that. He said ‘Why do you do that?’ When I told you to start an OnlyFans, I thought you were going to make it about fighting’. You can work with many things on that platform. You can do private lessons, you can talk about nutrition’.

“It was really bad for me,” She said. “When he told me that, I couldn’t stop crying. I went home crying. I cried for about two days, thinking ‘My god, What am I doing with my life? How can I do this? People look at me and say ‘How can a 30-year-old not be able to say no? I can’t explain why I couldn’t. A lot of things influenced me. My childhood trauma. People would tell me ‘You can do this, just don’t tell mommy or daddy’. I felt trapped inside that. I coulnd’t say ‘no’.

Most recently, Andrade (24-9) scored her third straight win when she defeated Lauren Murphy at UFC 283 back in January. The victory came after two more over Amanda Lemos and Cynthia Calvillo, April 2022 and September 2021 respectively. The 31-year-old’s last loss took place in April 2021, when she got TKO’d by champion Valentina Shevchenko.


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