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32-Year-Old Bodybuilder Chopped up a Dead Kangaroo in a Disturbing Act in 2022

Australian bodybuilder Calum Von Moger has had a rough past year that sent him into a downward spiral. The spiral eventually culminated in him plunging from the upper floor last year and nearly dying. In a resurfaced horrific incident, indicative of his downward spiral, Von Moger is performing an extremely disturbing act that is not for the faint-hearted.

Somewhere in the Australian outback, Von Moger was driving down the highway when he hit a marsupial with his car. It eventually bled to death, but that wasn’t the gruesome bit of the story. What followed was much worse. Reader discretion is advised.

How Calum Von Moger went about chopping the kangaroo

Weeks before the former Mr. Universe got injured after taking the plunge, he committed a disturbing act that might have been indicative of his rough year. He hit a kangaroo with his 2005 Ford Ranger ute, threw its body in the tray, and just kept driving at first. Seemingly unbothered, he filmed himself driving down the highway with the carcass in the back. In a series of strange behaviors, he caressed the kangaroo’s bleeding face, manhandled its wounds, and eventually remarked “it’s a boy”.

Soon after, his friend arrived in the driveway with a chainsaw. Moger said to his friend, “I’ve already chopped it up, please just help me put it in the back [of the ute]”. Both Moger and his friend laughed at the sight of the animal.

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Moger even added, “Yeah! I know. I am keeping the head for a memento”. This disturbing video was one of several troubling incidents that preceded his window plunge. However, Moger gave a healthy update at the start of 2023.

Von Moger’s pledge to improve amidst the horrific events of last year

Previously this year, Von Moger posted a positive, heartfelt video on his Instagram to share about the rough year he has had and how he overcame it. At a very young age, he was on the track to being the next big thing in bodybuilding and even portrayed the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 2018 film ‘Bigger’. However, a series of unfortunate events in 2022 gave him a major setback. His injury was so severe that it was almost fatal and he went into an induced coma. His health woes and steroid abuse all contributed to his then-disastrous state.


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In the video, Moger speaks about the pain and disappointment he has caused himself and everyone around him. He wishes to learn from them and improve. But such is the nature of the Internet, it doesn’t let any previous incident die out.

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