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At Least NHL Ups It’s Social Media Game During Disappointing All Star Showcase

Eighth in the Atlantic Division, the Montreal Canadiens aren’t having their finest NHL season by any means. Recently, the club was dealt another blow as right winger Cole Caufield went down with a season-ending shoulder injury.

To lighten the mood of his unfortunate situation, the NHL’s official Instagram account published a hilarious post. Nick Suzuki, the center for the Canadiens, recreates the ‘Wolverine meme’ while holding the picture of Caufield.

The Instagram world left hilarious comments

One funny comment might brighten the atmosphere, even if the team and the fans were going through a bad moment. The NHL’s social media team has shown its superiority recently, just in time for the all-star game.


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Suzuki and Caufield appear to have won the hearts of the fans as the No. 1 duo, as they say, “Coolest duo in the league, don’t @ me.”

This fan wasn’t able to handle their emotion whenever they looked at this post, saying, “Every time it makes me cry.”

This comment, which was left by a fan, appreciates the effort of the team behind NHL’s IG account, saying, “NHL meme game goes up to 11.”

“Wolverine Memes got me good, lol,” a fan says of the meme.

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Here are some additional comments made by fans.

“Every time I do it makes me laugh.”

“I thought Suzuki was trying to zoom in.”

“Pains me to admit this is funny.”

Updates on the young NHL star’s surgery

Right winger Cole Caufield injured his right shoulder and spoke to the media last Friday. The news conference was held at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada. The rising NHL star explains not just how he was hurt but also why he was taken off the ice by the team’s management.

In the press conference that was posted on the official website of the NHL, Caufield says, “This happened the first time before Christmas in Dallas, and I just had an awkward fall. I kind of put it back in myself a couple of seconds later and, you know, it wasn’t too bad. The second time was in Nashville. The same thing kind of happened and that time was a little more painful, but our medical staff has done a great job of doing some rehab work on it and making me feel 100% in my opinion.” 

He goes on to say that despite his ailments, he would have been included on the Canadiens’ roster if they had been contending for the Stanley Cup this season. Since the club will not be making the playoffs this year, he is relieved to get some time off.

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What do you think of his hilarious approach to the social media team of the NHL? Let us know in the comment section.

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