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Charles Barkley Pays Tribute to One of the GOATs but It’s Not Tom Brady: “The Best to Ever Do It Just Retired”

Arguably one of the greatest athletes, Tom Brady recently announced his second retirement from the NFL. The seven-time Super Bowl champion returned for one last dance. However, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ journey ended in the NFL Wild Card round. The 45-year-old left behind a glorious legacy. Often regarded as the GOAT, several sports personalities gave the man his flowers. However, despite being ‘in love’ with Brady, famous analyst Charles Barkley didn’t regard him as the greatest. Notably, he reserved that title for a 91-year-old local hero.

Taking over the spotlight, athletes are often looked up to as idols for the younger generation. Their hard work is paid with fame and a lot of money. However, others ensure the safety of an entire community. 91-year-old Loiuse Kobs did that for over 40 years. The Long Island native worked as a crossing guard helping kids tackle the risky roads.

It was January 14 that Kobs enjoyed her final day on the job. And in a recent episode of his podcast, Barkley called the woman one of the best to ever do it.

The Tom Brady of the streets?

As one of the most popular analysts, Barkley is arguably used to dealing with sports. However, he seems to also pay attention to the outside news. While he roped co-host Ernie Johnson into calling Brady the GOAT, the former NBA MVP had a surprise in store. He looked at his piece of paper and gave Louise Kobs her respect. Shocking, despite working for over four decades, Kobs never took a single sick leave.

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Barkley said, “One of the best to ever do it just retired. Louse Kobs just retired. She was a crossing guard for 50 years. She just retired at the spry age of like 90.”

Kobs received her well-deserved reception on the day of retirement. Notably, many of the parents came to say goodbye to the veteran crossing guard. In addition, people who she once helped also showed up to thank the 91-year-old for her services. It was truly the farewell that Louise Kobs deserved to have.

As an athlete, Tom Brady set the bar of hard work. Being in the spotlight pushes superstars like him to be heroes. Moreover, he is glorified for being able to play at the highest level even at 45. However, others work in the shadows and do their jobs diligently. For Kobs, she never took a single day in 41 years of work. Shaquille O’Neal probably said it best. Doing jobs is hard. According to Yahoo Sports, The Big Diesel said he quit his job in just two days.

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While athletes deserve success for their hard work, so does Louise Kobs for her unrelenting service. And it was great to see Charles Barkley recognize her impact on society.

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